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Live advice from Jennifer Love Advisor - Astrology and Islam in Riverside instantly. 1 years of work in Islam.

About Jennifer Love Advisor's Services:

I am an expert to guide you through religion and can give spiritual treatments based on your religion

I am a Natural Born Psychic from past 23 years. I use my guides to connect the Soul energies and guide you to let you know that is your future and what god has decided for you.I will look into all the areas of your life and help you to heal those parts which you have left behind in your life. Contact me for Honest and true readings. I will use my spirits clairvoyance to connect with you and let you know the truth but please i cannot tell you always positive because life is a mix of good and bad, negative and positive outcomes so you need to be ready to listen what you don"t want to listen because i don't want to give false hope that you will get what you want in your life. DISCLAIMER:By contacting me you are agree that you are above 18 and are responsible for your own action. I only provide my services through Kasamba and i am not engaged in Face to Face professional advice

Experience & Qualifications

I am an expert form past 23 years and i am blessed with spiritual powers. I can help you with Love and Relationship, Marital Life, Career Forecast, Money and Business, Job, Dream Analysis, Breakup and Divorce, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Spell Casting, Spiritual Healing Etc.,


3rd Generation and Natural Born Psychic

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